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Discuss your individual therapy needs in Spokane, WA 

Each person's needs in therapy can vary.  You might want to build a deeper connection with yourself through mindfulness and self-compassion.  You may notice a pattern in your relationships you want to take a closer look at.

Whatever your circumstances might be, you can seek help with me at Billie Tyler Therapy.  As a strength based therapist, we will work together to move towards your goals and build a stronger connection with yourself and others through individual therapy in Spokane, WA.

Call me at 509-729-3487 to learn how therapy can help lead to a more fulfilling life.

Schedule your free initial consultation

Are you searching for therapy in Spokane, WA? Contact me at Billie Tyler Therapy.  I provide everyone with a free initial consultation to:

  • Get to know each other and learn more about your needs

  • Get a chance to see my office in downtown Spokane, WA and see how you like the space

  • Help us set goals for your future

We could start your journey towards a fuller life now.  Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.



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