Finding Mindful Moments in a Busy Life

As I sit here in Spokane, WA, on my birthday, at a hair appointment, I realized the importance of the little mindful moments that I can so easily miss.  As I first sat down, I was busy thinking about notes I need to write, errands that need to be run, things I need to devote more time to, etc. However, for a moment I paused took a breath and realized that I liked the song playing over the speakers.  I am not even sure what triggered this pause, but I am so grateful for it.  It freed me to sit here and look out the big windows at a beautiful tree with the bright green leaves and the sun shinning through it.  I would have missed all of this beauty if I continued to plan and stress through my day (like I often do).  

Life gets busy and it is easy to feel like you are just going through the motions.  It often feels like you cannot give yourself the luxury of self-care or a mindful moment because one of the many balls you are juggling might fall.  However, we must!  We cannot really be giving to those around us without them.  I know their importance, I am a therapist in Spokane, WA, and I still struggle each day. However, if we all just look for the little moments throughout our day and set an intention to be present any moment can be mindful and a powerful self-care tool.  We tell ourselves we need to get a massage or read a book, sometimes we think a vacation is the only way.  These are all great ways to practice mindfulness but they are not always feasible. We need to take care of ourselves more often than that.  However, we can all take a minute or even less to really notice the beauty around us, take a deep breath and fill our lungs all the way, really listen to a song, or notice the beauty in the environment around us.  We can all fit this into our busy lives, we all have a moment for ourselves.

Now that I am in a present state, I found space to choose to take a moment to reflect on my life and my past year.  This is such a valuable practice to be present and really look at things from a curious lens.   Instead of being stuck in the grind of life. It allowed me to feel a little lighter and opened the door to some deeper thinking about the opportunities I have faced and grown from and the relationships that have flourished.  This may be one of the best gifts I could give myself on my 34thbirthday.  

Take a minute to engage with the world around you today, you deserve it!

If you find yourself wondering how to find these mindful moments, please contact me, Billie Tyler a therapist in Spokane, WA.  I would love to see how I could help you on your journey.

Billie Tyler